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DIVISION VELA gathers personal data and information about users by means of diverse application forms throughout the portal which are to stored and/or used in relation to the aforementioned user. The data provided by the users will be incorporated into an automated file whose ownership belongs to the society (from here on, the "Responsible for the File ").

In each of these application forms in which data of a personal nature is gathered, the user will receive from the Responsible for the File detailed information regarding the treatment, its aim, the use of the data, the obligatory or optional nature of its treatment, the consequences of a refusal to provide them and, in general, all the mentions required by legislation applicable to the protection of data of a personal nature, which, in any case, will have to be expressly authorized by the user.

The Responsible for the File is committed to treating the data of a personal nature provided by users in accordance with that established in the applicable regulations and, in particular:
- To treat all data of a personal nature to which he/she may have access as a result of browsing in the portal with utmost confidentiality. However, the Responsible for the File will be able to reveal the data of a personal nature and any other information about the user when it is required by public authorities on exercising the duties which are legitimately attributed and in accordance with the regulations which may be applicable.
- To adopt the technical and organizational measures necessary in order to avoid the alteration, loss or unauthorized treatment or access to the aforementioned data. Without detriment to this, owing to the current security conditions in the Internet, the Responsible for the File cannot guarantee the illicit use of the information about users by third parties. As a consequence, neither DIVISION VELA nor the Responsible for the File guarantee or assume any responsibility for damages, of any nature, which may arise from the alteration, loss, treatment, unauthorized access or illicit use of the Information about users by third parties.

Users commit themselves to maintaining the data provided to the Responsible for the File duly updated. Users will be responsible for damages which DIVISION VELA and/or third parties may suffer owing to a lack of veracity, exactness, validity and authenticity of the data provided.


The contracting of, access to and use of determined services and applications which are offered in the portal require prior registration by the user by means of the general registration form.

The data provided by users in the aforementioned form will be incorporated into an automated file belonging to division vela, S.L., a society with its business address in , Spain, whose treatment will be subject to the Ley Orgánica 15/1999, of the 13th of December, regarding the protection of data of a personal nature, and its development regulations.

The User Name and Password chosen by the user in the registration process are personal and non-transferable. Therefore, the user commits him/herself to diligently guard his/her User Name and Password, adopting the necessary measures to avoid their loss, theft, divulging to third parties or unauthorized use.

Likewise, the user commits him/herself to making an appropriate and diligent use of his/her User Name and Password, being the sole responsible for their illegal use or that which is contrary to the present General Conditions and the Personal Conditions which in each case may be applicable.



Cookies are a tool used by web servers in order to store and recover information regarding to its visitors. A cookie is no more than a text file which some servers ask our browser to write in our hard disk, with information about what we have been doing in these pages.

They have an expiry date, which may vary from the time the session lasts until a specific time in the future, from which point they stop being operational.

For more information, visit the website of the Department of Treatment of Information and Encoding which is dependent on the Superior Council for Scientific Research in Spain.

Cookies used in this portal:

DIVISION VELA uses cookies in order to make browsing through its portal easier and in order to achieve greater efficiency and personalization of the services offered to its users.

The cookies used in the portal are only associated to an anonymous user and his/her computer, they do not provide references which may allow the users name and surname(s) to be deduced and cannot read data from their computers hard disk or include viruses in their texts.

Likewise, the portal cannot read the cookies implanted in the hard disk of the users computer from other servers.

The cookies used in the portal are divided into two types: Session Cookies and Permanent Cookies.

Session Cookies: These are not stored in the users’ computer; they disappear when the session is ended.
Within this group there are:
- Online services for DIVISION VELA customers.
- Publication of messages in the forums.
- Downloading of files.

Permanent Cookies: These have an expiry date at a future date. They are stored in the users’ computer after ending the session.

The Permanent Cookies used in the portal have diverse aims:
- User preferences: they store information about the user’s preferences regarding the country and language with the aim of being able to show contents according to the user’s profile.
- Informational/advertising messages: these register the number of times that a determined message is shown to a user (generally new contents in the portal).
- Recurrence to the portal analysis: these generate a means of identification (a chain of 32 characters) for each user and his/her computer. Given that, in the majority of visits to the portal, users do not access secure areas of the portal in which it is necessary for them to identify themselves and that the IP address with which they have connected may be shared, the anonymous identification of the user is not possible without using these types of cookies.

Users are free to decide with regard to the implementation of the cookies used in the portal in their computers hard disk or not.

Therefore, users can configure their browser in order to accept of refuse all cookies by default or to receive a on-screen warning of the receipt of each cookie and then decide whether to accept it or not. For this reason, we suggest you consult the help section of your browser in order to find out how to change the configuration which you are currently using.

Even when users configure their browsers in order to refuse all cookies or have expressly refused the cookies from the portal, they will be able to browse through the portal with the only drawback of not being able to enjoy the functions of the portal which need the installation of some of the cookies, the functions indicated in Session Cookies to be precise.

In any case, users can delete the portal cookies which have been implemented in the hard disk at any time, following the procedure established in the help section of their browsers.


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